What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

//What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Lets start at the beginning, always the best place to start!  SEO is the common anachronism for Search Engine Optimization.  What is an anachronism?  Only joking. In very simple terms S, E and O are three letters that stand for Search Engine Optimization.  From now on we will use SEO for short otherwise everything I write here on the Yoyo blog will be rather wordy!

Now that we understand what the three letters stand for we need to establish what it is we are really meaning by SEO.  Well I think the easiest way to describe it is that SEO is the process by which we attempt to rank high on the result pages on search engines.

For those of you that have been lost at sea for the last 10 years the largest of the entire search engines and the dominant player is Google!  So SEO is the process that attempts to climb the Google charts and ultimately get lots of potential customers clicking on our website.

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The idea behind SEO is that we are optimizing our websites so that Google (and all the other search engines) can not only see our website but chooses to rank our websites high enough that people searching for us can find us easily.

So far, so good?  Excellent, lets crack on….

Have you ever wondered why the websites that shows up at the top of your search results are there?  Why are they at the top and someone else at the bottom?  The answer to this is very simple.  Google has a great big mathematical equation or more commonly called the Google algorithm that ranks in order of importance all manner of different elements of your website and then places you in a league table.  In other words Google decides who is at the top of the league!

It sounds a bit like a dictatorship but don’t get me started on that just yet!  To be honest the Google algorithm has been the most successful of all the search engines and therefore we are currently in the position where Google are very much the people in charge of search.

So, we have the Google algorithm that takes the various ranking factors into consideration before placing you in a league table.  If you want to know how Google do this then the quick answer is Googlebot!  Meet Googlebot.  He is our friend and we must welcome him into our website and treat him well while he collects his data.  Google Bot is not our enemy.

If we give Googlebot what he is looking for he will reward us with high rankings!  We call him Googlebot but you will hear people referring to spiders trawling your website and returning all the information to the algorithm which will in turn place you in your position in the league table.

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So for football it is very easy.  The team with the most points is at the top and the least points at the bottom.  So for Google, the website which has the most points will rank at the top and the least points will be at the bottom. Of course it’s not quite as simple as a football league table.  Points are accumulated in various ways and it is not just three points for a win, one point for a draw and no points of for a loss!

So what is SEO?  SEO is the process by which you try to accumulate points on your website so as to enable Google to place you at the top of the league table for your chosen search term.   SEO is the process of affecting the way in which Google rank your website.  We use SEO to attempt to tell Google what our website is all about and what we want to rank for.

I think it is fair to say that we all know that those websites that rank on page one on Google receive the lion’s share of all the web traffic for that term.  So SEO is the process by which we attempt to rank on page one of Google.

I hope that all makes sense!  Stick around and you will hear much more about SEO and most importantly how Yoyo Web Marketing can help you help yourself in the world of SEO.


So Whats SEO?

  • Quick answer is SEO = Search Engine Optimization 
  • Why do we need SEO?  To ensure that our websites can be found when potential customers search the internet. 
  • SEO is the process of affecting the way in which Google rank your website. 
  • If you use SEO in the right way then you will find your website being viewed by many more people than you ever thought possible.

There is so much more to SEO than meets the eye so keep tuned for top tips and fresh insights into the world of web marketing.

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